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Harrier Carrier is a unique strategy, puzzle, tower defense game.

With the help of The Admiral you must protect your carrier from progressively harder waves of Soviet Cold War aircraft.

Stack your planes to reach the highest altitude attackers,
but keep an eye on each planes FUEL, SHIELDS and AMMO.

Bring them home to recharge their resources before they get destroyed.
Recharge and re-deploy them to the battle.

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  • Re-live key historical Cold War incidents:
  • Help a MiG-25 Foxbat defect to the West: 6 Sept 1976
  • Assist Fall of Saigon evac with Bell Huey helicopters: 30 April 1975
  • Prevent the U2 Incident: 1 May 1960
  • Also: Get the A-10 Thunderbolt